School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB) is committed to the development of future entrepreneurial leaders. These are leaders that will be movers and shakers in all walks of life: corporate sector, public governance, even nonprofit organization. You can be an entrepreneurial leader by being CEO of a multinational company, startup founder, or even a mayor/regent with commitment for good governance. Leadership with integrity, respect for diversity and heart for humanity are the key values we aim to generate from your potentials.

MBA ITB provides you access to the best pool of leadership talents in the country’s capital, Jakarta, and one of the world’s innovative city hubs for creativity and entrepreneurship, Bandung. Here, you will not only learn Marketing Management in theory, but also learn from the best marketers in the industry, and this applies in any other subjects. Our Decision Science module will not only teach you from textbook, but also share you the experience of top decision makers in the country. MBA ITB is the place where Master Business Administration program is not merely a course, but a chance to learn from business leaders in action and to practice your learning with peers.

Prof. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
Chairman & Founder of SBM ITB

MBA Bandung Campus

MBA Jakarta Campus

Learning Goals & Objectives

Here are aspects that we aim to get you excel on throughout your journey in Master of Science in Management program:

  • Identify and analyze central problems of a business case
  • Construct multiple perspectives that integrate different factors or aspects, other related business functions and relevant contextual information
  • Create recommendation based on the constructed perspectives and the company’s strategic objectives
  • Understand how to collaborate with others
  • Apply the concept of managing conflict to resolve problems in small group learning environment
  • Demonstrate constructive feedback in small group learning environment
  • Present information in an organized and concise manner
  • Demonstrate skill to persuade others in persuasive manners
  • Demonstrate listening skills
  • Recognize ethical issues in business context
  • Assess the impacts of ethical issues toward various stakeholders
  • Systematically analyze the pro and cons of any decisions related to ethical issues
  • Demonstrate the propensity to take initiative
  • Bring influence toward other people in her/his team
  • Inspire and empower others by evaluating, analyzing, and providing critics on how leadership behaviors and characteristics affect employees and businesses outcomes
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage change
  • Identify global issues that may affect the industry (Global Intellectual Capital)
  • Develop understanding toward global cultural aspects that affect business operations
  • Develop business recommendations based on understanding about the global aspects