Tech Prom Lab Got The First Place of Tech Planter World Communication 2020 in Japan

Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020)

One of The Greater Hub Batch II Tenants, Tech Prom Lab, was successfully winning the first place of Tech Planter World Communication in Japan in March 2020.

This competition was organized by a company from Japan, Leave A Nest. With a dream to become a science bridge communicator, this company has strongly supported startups which take deep issues as their concern. The pitching program was named Tech Planter. It is divided into three stages. The first is national level (Indonesia), continued by regional level (ASEAN), and ended by international level. 

Tech Prom Lab which is one of The Greater Hub Batch II Tenant, is a research-based startup. Tech Prom Lab aims to implement technology products to be the solutions of the public problems. The first research that the Tech Prom Lab commercialized was PoreBlock, a porous concrete that could reduce the potential for flood.

Go back to the past, Tech Prom Lab established in December 2017, and officially became an incorporated company in August 2018. Co-founder and CEO of this startup, Anisa Asisah who obtained Bachelor of Physic Engineering in ITB and also MBA ITB Alumni, explained about her initial motivation in building Tech Prom Lab. “We have so many research in our library, but no one wants to implement those ideas,”. She build the company together with her friends: Adi Surya Pradipta (ITB Material Engineering Alumni), M Rizqi Abdullah(ITB Physic Engineering Alumni), Fauzan Muzaki (ITB Physic Engineering Alumni), Darina Maulana(ITB Design Alumni), Afif Bani Buchori (ITB Mechanical Engineering and MBA ITB Alumni) and Ilham Dhiaputra(ITB Physic Engineering and MBA ITB Alumni).

In her opinion, competing with startups from other countries that also propose super advanced solutions to address urgent problems makes them excited about this competition. The judges were also high-ranking officials from large Japan companies. They were more than capable in giving critical and constructive opinions during the Question & Answer session.

“When we were a tenant in SBM Greater Hub, we got networking and knowledge from the qualified mentors. The Greater Hub also assists us by holding insightful seminars regularly,” Anisa said. “Do not be afraid to join competitions. The keys are confidence, practice, and always do your best, give it all,” she closed.

Photo Courtesy of Techpromlab and Leave a Nest