SBM Students as The Champion of ITB Innovation Day 2020

Written by Student Reporter, Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

SBM ITB students won the first place in ITB Innovation Day, held by ITB Student Association (KM ITB) on 28 Febuary 2020. This competition is an ITB student innovation competition.

The Gian Tree team consisting of Abdu Wahid Al Khoir, Shafa Dewi Nugroho, Novita Hastuti Zen, and Paisal won first place under the guidance of Arip Tirta from Evermos, a incubatee of SBM ITB’s The Greater Hub Business Incubator, through an innovation called Pwakan.  The teams are students majoring in Entrepreneurship batch 2021.

“Pwakan is a poultry feed product with raw materials derived from tofu, coconut milk and organic market waste from traditional markets. We use the bioprocess fermentation technology method to improve the nutritions and kill bad bacterias, also use black soldier flies as agents for processing organic waste and a source of proteins of the product,” said Wahid, CEO of Pwakan.

The background that drives them to make this product is that they want to create a zero waste product, to help reduce waste and to provide cost-efficiency for poultry farmers due to the high price of poultry feed. “Also the limitation of corn imports which makes corn stocks a little even though corn is one of the main ingredients of poultry feed,” Wahid added.

In the competition process,  they faced challenges on how to convey ideas and innovations and divide the time between classes and prepare the material of this competition.

“In the future, hopefully, Pwakan can help to solve the global poultry feed problem, because we want to have a real impact on the social and environment,” Wahid concluded .28