Radeya Pranata Appointed as Chair of the ITB SBM Alumni Association

The School of Business and Management of the Bandung Institute of Technology once again inaugurated the SBM ITB Alumni Association (IASM ITB) 2019. The Dean of SBM ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, DEA welcomed the activities, according to him “during the learning process on campus, especially the bachelor degree (S1) has formed the character of students”.

“So the main pride is usually in the bachelor degree program. This is one thing that makes us proud as SBM ITB family,” said Sudarso during the Inauguration of the Chair of SBM ITB Alumni Association with the theme “First Step of a Thousand Journey on SBM ITB campus, Jl Ganesha, Kota Bandung, Saturday (12/21/2019)

Sudarso said he was optimistic that the greatness of the name or the success and reputation of an institution, especially in the field of Education, was in the hands of the alumni.

Hopefully, in the future the relationship between alumni and the campus will be tighter, more reliable and increasing the sharing of each other.

“In the past, many alumni who became Ministers in the Cabinet that made us proud. That is, the great reputation of the university is because of its alumni,” According to him, “there is a learning process given by the lecturer, the accumulation of knowledge is obtained from each graduate.”

“That is why I believe that a great person is not based on a 4.0 GPA. It could be that his GPA is normal, but he succeeded. So the success of graduates cannot be measured through GPA,” he said.

He also appealed that those who lead SBM alumni ties do not have of master or doctoral degrees. “Please, going forward, it will be great. I agree that the amount of attention is due to the role of the alumni,” he stressed.

Sudarso added, at the 16th SBM ITB, as an organization relatively young compared to ITB in July 2020 turned 100 years old. However, with this relatively young age, there have been many innovations in business and technology. “The point is for the success of this organization must collaborate ” he said.

He also appealed to the alumni to frequently visit SBM ITB to exchange and sharing information with students who are still in college. “Let’s help each other together. At least we can share experiences,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chair of the ITB SBM Alumni Association (IASM ITB), Radeya Pranata S, Mn. MIB told that it is now is a great time to collaborate with SBM ITB because the various successful graduates profile who had spread in the workforce now would be different from the previous graduate years. For example, business games or big data analysis.

“The target is that we must encourage alumni in any field to be able to improve their careers even more significantly, those who choose to become entrepreneurs can improve the community’s economy,” he concluded.